The ages of two friends A and B differ by 3 years.A's father D is thrice as old as A and B is twice as old as his sister C.The ages of c and D differ by 30 years. Find ages of A and B.

Asked by Amyra B | 18th Jun, 2013, 07:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Let A's age be x, then B's age would be x+3
Now, age of A's father, D = 3x
Age of C = 3x-30 (Assuming that B's sister would be younger than A's father)
Age of B = 2(3x-30)
But, from first line, we also know that age of B would be x+3
Hence, x+3 = 6x-60
5x = 63
x = 63/5 years
hence, A's age = 63/5 years
B's age = (63/5 + 3) = 78/5 years

Answered by  | 19th Jun, 2013, 07:05: AM

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