PQRS is a square. SR is a tangent (at point S) to the circle with centre O and TR= OS. Then, the ratio of area of the circle to the area of the square is:

CAT Mensuration Problems

Asked by rushabhjain.av | 5th Feb, 2019, 06:53: PM

Expert Answer:

Let r be the radius of circle and a be the side of square.
we have OS = OT = TR = r
In right ΔOSR,  OR2 = OS2 + SR2   ,  or    (2r)2 + r2 = a2
hence a2 = 5r2 .................(1)
Area of Circle : Area of square = πr2 : a2 = πr2 : 5r2 = π : 5

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 5th Feb, 2019, 10:02: PM

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