in the question :consider two blocks of mass 20 kg and 10kg respectively which are connected with spring in horizontal plane.If force of 300N is given then calculate tension and accn. accn comes out to be 10m/s2 for tension in the video they told to consider any block to calculate tension but when we calculate tension with help of block of mass 10kg it comes out to be 100N while 200N of block of mass 20 kg but tension should be equal ?

Asked by  | 6th Mar, 2013, 09:39: AM

Expert Answer:

In both the cases the acceleration would no doubt be equal as it depends on the net mass of the system, but the tension will vary as in one case the tension in string will pull a mass of 10 kg to give an acceleration of 10 m/ss
but in other case it will pull a mass of 20 kg to give same acceleration so of course the tension has to be different.

Answered by  | 18th Mar, 2013, 12:56: AM

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