In the figure, a square is inscribed in a circle of diameter d and another square
is circumscribing the circle. Find the ratio of the area of the outer square to the
area of the inner square.

Asked by dhruvshrotriya03 | 28th Feb, 2019, 07:36: PM

Expert Answer:

side of outer square equals to diameter of circle d. Hence area of outer square PQRS = d2 sq.units
diagonal of square ABCD is same as diameter of circle. Hence side of square ABCD d/√2 units . Hence area of ABCD = d2/2
Ratio of area of outer square to the area of inner square =  begin mathsize 12px style fraction numerator d squared over denominator begin display style bevelled d squared over 2 end style end fraction space equals space 2 end style

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 28th Feb, 2019, 10:51: PM

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