How to find angular velocity, linear velocity and centripetal force.

Asked by vijith soman | 7th Nov, 2012, 12:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Body is moving with 240 rpm means 240 revolution per minute i.e 4 revolution per second so we can say that frequency ? of body is 4 sec-1 i.e 4 hertz.
now we know that angular velocity is 2?? so ?=2*3.14*4= 25.12 Hz.
linear velocity is v= ?×r i.e v= 25.12 *6.5 ms-1 =163.28 ms-1.
centripetal force is F= m×r×?2 so F= 2*6.5*25.12*25.12= 8203 N.

Answered by  | 8th Nov, 2012, 11:47: PM

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