How is the see-saw in rtanslational and rotational equilibrium even in a slanted position? Explain with the help of a FBD

Asked by Jaziya | 28th Nov, 2010, 12:00: AM

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Dear student,
The cars on either side of the seesaw are exactly the same in weight and height, in fact they are the same model. As a result, the seesaw stays level.
The centre of the seesaw is called the ‘fulcrum’, seen here as a triangle and this is where the beam, that the cars rest on, tilts backwards and forwards. However, because of the state of equilibrium, they remain completely still.
If the seesaw is to be in equilibrium then the clockwise moments must be equal to the anticlockwise moments.
Look at this picture.
A state of equilibrium is also seen below. Each of the cars weighs the same (1 Tonne). Despite the fact that there is only one car on the left-hand side, the moments balance because, the car on the left-hand side, is twice the distance from the fulcrum, compared to the cars on the right-hand side.
Hope this helps.
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