DOES VISCOSITY EXIST ONLY BETWEEN THE Particles of the liquid or also with the surface of the enclosed vessel it is flowing in?

Asked by saket shandilya | 4th Dec, 2013, 06:35: PM

Expert Answer:

When a fluid is in motion shear stresses are developed if the particles of the fluid move relative to one another. When this happens adjacent particles have different velocities. If fluid velocity is the same at every point then there is no shear stress produced: the particles have zero relative velocity.

Consider the flow in a pipe (vessel) in which water is flowing. At the pipe wall the velocity of the water will be zero. The velocity will increase as we move toward the centre of the pipe. This change in velocity across the direction of flow is known as velocity profile and shown graphically in the figure below:


Answered by Komal Parmar | 5th Dec, 2013, 11:19: AM

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