an airplane has a mass of 2.6*10^ it flies, the air flows past the lower surface of its wings at 100ms^-2. if the surface area of the wings is 1000m^2, how fast must the air flow past the upper surface of the plane is balanced in the air by the Bernoulli's effect.(density of air=1.3kgm^-3,g=10ms^-2)

Asked by  | 8th Dec, 2011, 10:14: PM

Expert Answer:

weight of the aeroplane if is balanced by  the force on  the lower wing due to pressure difference on the two wings as bernoulli's principle states.
P1-P2=(1/2)?(Vupper surface2 -1002 ) =Weight/1000
v2 -10000=40000
v=100?5 m/s

Answered by  | 9th Dec, 2011, 09:34: AM

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