A train 250 m in length is travelling at a speed of 28 kmph .in how many seconds will it cross another 250 m long train coming in opposite direction at a speed of 22 kmph?

Asked by  | 4th May, 2013, 10:45: AM

Expert Answer:

Let the first train take x sec to cross the othe train. 
Speed of the first train - 28km/h = 70/9 m/s
Speed of the second train = 22km/h = 55/9 m/s
The first train needs to cover 250m in order to pass the other train, but, since both the trains are travelling in the opposite direction
So, 250 = 70/9x + 55/9x
x = 18 sec

Answered by  | 4th May, 2013, 09:46: PM

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