1. A rectangular park is to be designed whose breadth is  3 mt less thn its length. Its area is 4 square meter more than the area of a park that has already been made in the shape of an isosceles triangle with its base as the breadth of the rectangular park and of altitude to the base is 12 meter. Find the dimension of the rectangular park. What value it depicts.


Asked by CHIDAMBAR | 23rd May, 2018, 07:06: PM

Expert Answer:

let the breadth=x
length = x+3
Area = x2+3x
area is equal to iso triangle area +4
x2+3x = 1/2×12×x+4
x2+3x = 6x+4
x2-3x-4 =0
x=4 x=-1
so x=4......lenght is always positive

Answered by Arun | 24th May, 2018, 10:56: AM

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