a body covers first 1/3 part of journey with velocity 2m/s, next 1/3 part with velocity 3m/s and rest of the journey with velocity 6m/s. find average velocity of the body.


Asked by baljeetdhillon053 | 16th Jun, 2019, 09:03: PM

Expert Answer:

Average velocity = total displacement/ total time taken 
Let the total displacement be s.
Thus, time taken for the first 1/3 part of journey is 
= (s/3)/2  =s/6 
Time taken for the second part of journey
=(s/3)/3 = s/ 9 
Time taken for third part of journey is
= (s/3)/6 = s/18 
Thus, total time taken to complete this journey is 
= (s/3) x (6/6) = s/3 
Thus, t =s/3 
So, average velocity = s/(s/3) = 3 m/s 
Thus, average velocity of the body = 3m/s

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 16th Jun, 2019, 10:32: PM