5 years ago a man was 7 times as old as his son. Five yearshence the father will be 3 times as old as his son. Find their present ages?(Please solve this question in single variable.Plz its urgent)

Asked by  | 24th Mar, 2013, 09:16: AM

Expert Answer:

Sons age 5 years ago=x father's age = 7x

their present age = x+5 and 7x+5 resp
Sons age 5 years hence = x+10(since x is sons age 5 years ago from present age and we are talking of his age 5 years hence from his present age so 5+5=10)
fathers age 5 years hence =3(x+10)
hence the fathers present age will be 3(x+10)-5
also fathers present age =7x+5
therefore 7x+5=3(x+10)-5

So, son's present age = 10years and fathers, present age = 40 years

Answered by  | 24th Mar, 2013, 09:07: PM

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