1:-Solve the pair of equations 2x/a+y/b=2 x/a-y/b=4 2:-Draw the graph of 2y-x=8, 5y-x=14,y-2x=1.Also obtain the vertices of the triangle so formed. 3:-Draw the graph of the following equation 2x-3y+6=0,2x+3y-18=0,y-2=0.Find the vertices of the triangle so formed.Also find the area of triangle. 4:-Solve for 'x' & 'y': 5/x+y-2/x-y=-1 15/x+y=7/x-y=10 5:-Find 'k' for which system of equation has infinite solutions x+(k+1)y=5,(k+1)x+9y=8k-1 6:-The sum of a two digit no. & the number obtained by reversing the order of its digits is 121,and the two digits differ by 3.Find the number. 7:-Find the area of the triangle formed by the line x/a+y/b=1 with the co-ordinate axes. 8:-Find the value of 'a' & 'b' for which the system of equations has infinitely many solutions. 3x+4y=12,(a+b)x+2(a-b)y=5a-1 9:-Solve for 'x' &'y': 99x+101y=499 101x+99y=501 10:-A takes a 3 hours more than B to walk 30 km.But if A doubles his speed,he is ahead of B by 1 half hours.Find their speed of walking.

Asked by Arun Deepak Tirkey | 6th May, 2012, 03:45: PM

Expert Answer:

We would request you to ask one question at a time. The answer to your first question is as follows:
2x/a+y/b=2 ... (1)
x/a-y/b=4   ... (2)
Adding the two equations, we get
3x/a = 6
So, x = 2a
Put this value in equation (1), we get,
y = -2b

Answered by  | 6th May, 2012, 05:23: PM

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