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CBSE Class 12 science Physics

CBSE Class 12 Physics is important for top performance in your Class 12 Board exams. Your Class 12 CBSE Science Physics syllabus includes concepts such as electrostatics matter, magnetism, nuclei, atoms, electric charges, communication systems, and more. On TopperLearning, get free access to useful study materials such as chapter-wise Class NCERT solutions.

Watch our expert videos to clearly understand the Physics concepts such as classification of magnetic materials, electrostatic potential energy, capacitors, etc. Whether you are confused with concepts such as integrated circuits or need help with understanding the discovery of notable Physicists, our chapter-wise video lectures can support you with conceptual clarity.

Also, learning every concept prior to final exams can be time-consuming. You can utilise the revision notes for Physics Class 12 to quickly revise important concepts from your Class 12 Physics syllabus. With better preparation using TopperLearning e-learning materials, you can aim for top marks in your Class 12 Physics board exams.

Physics is a subject wherein theory is as important as the application of the concepts. Simply learning the theory isn’t going to be useful to get better marks. With the help of solutions by Physics subject experts, you can understand the theory, as well as the practical use of concepts, better. The CBSE solutions on TopperLearning for Physics Class 12 include NCERT textbook solutions, sample paper and solutions, and previous year papers and solutions.

CBSE Class 12 solutions will give you cues on how to write answers accurately for scoring full marks. Use the chapter solutions to learn methods for solving numericals and answering different types of questions. NCERT solutions will assist you to solve the questions present in your NCERT Physics Class 12 textbook. For further revision and practise, you can solve the sample papers on TopperLearning.

Exam fear is quite normal among Class 12 students. You can solve previous year question papers and refer solutions by experts to compare your answers. Also, set a timer to solve the question papers and do self-assessments with the help of TopperLearning CBSE solutions. This action will help you to accurately answer questions within the given time during your final exam.

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