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Important Questions for Board Exams 2020

Seeking important questions is one of the final millisecond preparation strategies for board exam students. Having access to such important questions can increase your confidence and chances to score better. If you had a list of such questions, wouldn't you be better equipped to do well on a subject?

Experts at TopperLearning have consolidated some of the most important questions which could feature in an exam. However, one must remember that examiners could twist the wordings of a simple question to make it sound difficult. Also, there is no sure way of knowing exactly which questions could come, which is why we need a thorough preparation. 

Please save this list of important questions for each subject for different boards. 

Board  Class  Subject
(Click on the subject name)
CBSE X Mathematics
CBSE X Science
CBSE X Social Studies
CBSE X Hindi 
CBSE X English
CBSE XII Chemistry
CBSE XII Physics
CBSE XII Accountancy
CBSE XII Business Studies
CBSE XII Economics
ICSE X Mathematics
ICSE X Biology
ICSE X Chemistry
ICSE X Physics
ICSE X Geography
ICSE X History and Civics


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