CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Sample Papers and Solutions

TopperLearning understands the need to grasp various social studies concepts and has created the TopperLearning NCERT solutions for CBSE class 10 for students preparing for CBSE Class 10 Social Studies. The study prep materials include the SST CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers created by the social studies experts at TopperLearning. With each of these CBSE Class 10 SST sample papers, learners will gain more confidence to answer tough exam questions. The solved CBSE sample papers for social studies – with the model solutions – will help practice for the CBSE class 10 social studies board exam.


These sample papers align with the NCERT syllabus and include all the latest question types as recommended by the CBSE for its scheduled exams. Learners must go through the recommendations on the Chapter-wise list of Assertion-Reasoning and Case-Based question banks with the Sample papers on the website. Social Science experts at TopperLearning have also carefully drafted a vast bank of problem-solving videos. Explaining each crucial concept with the help of questions and approaches on ways to write answers to these questions is a point of discussion.


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Sample Papers
More than 50% of questions from our sample papers were similar to questions in Board exams.
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Why TopperLearning?

Those who aspire to serve the nation have to appear for Civil Services examinations, and their preparation begins early. If you’ve already prepared using TopperLearning’s CBSE class 10 social studies webinars and CBSE class 10 social studies previous years’ question papers, then the NCERT social studies sample paper for class 10 should help you in knowing your strengths and revising the topics that need a little of bit of practice. These CBSE sample papers cover all the important topics and also the questions which are often repeated . Practising these will give you a good idea about what to expect in the board exams, so you won’t be surprised about the paper pattern, marking schemes and more.


Where can I find CBSE class 10 social studies most important questions?

TopperLearning and its social studies experts have created a comprehensive study material including CBSE class 10 social studies most important questions. These CBSE class 10 MIQs, whether on nationalism in French Revolution or causes of land degradation, are covered in detail in CBSE class 10 social studies Important Questions For You!


What are some of the topics covered in the social studies sample papers?

The CBSE class 10 social studies sample papers have been prepared taking topics and important questions from the CBSE class 10 social studies lessons and latest CBSE class 10 social studies syllabus.