Why do water spin when in a sink when plughole is removed. In which direction is the spin observed in northern hemisphere and in southern hemisphere. What makes them to spin in two different directions in different hemispheres ? Is it Coriols Effect ?


Asked by 9652171176n | 4th Aug, 2018, 07:22: PM

Expert Answer:

- Coriolis effect will only apply if the sink is perfectly flat and smooth.
- It also applies in natural air current movements or cyclones.
- But the commercially manufactured sinks and basins do not witness coriolis effect.
- In such basins or sinks, what affects the direction of flow of water is the shape of basin, its angle with respect to the base, the direction of the water flow at which it initially starts to flow.
- Thus, a commercially used water basin or sink will not behave differently in different hemispheres.
- However, a larger and a natural flow like the movement of cyclone in the atmosphere is goverened by the coriolis effect. 

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 6th Aug, 2018, 07:01: PM