what is magnet

Asked by dilipprasadguptag6 | 13th Sep, 2021, 12:04: PM

Expert Answer:

A magnet attracts magnetic materials such as materials made up of iron, cobalt and nickel
by creating magnetic field surrounding itself.
If the magnet is in the form of bar or needle and is suspended freely , then one end of magnet always
point towards North direction. This end of the magnet is called north pole and other end is south pole.

This property of magnet is utilized in mariner's compass so that a magnetic needle is pivoted at centre
and the magnetic needle is allowed to rotate freely.
Direction showed by north pole of needle will be known as north direction.
Permanent magnet is made by placing the magnetic material inside circular coils carrying current .
After switching of current , magnetic action is retained by magnetic material  and it becomes permanent magnet.
Electromagnet is made by passing current through circular coil that is known as solenoid.
When current is passed through circular coils, it behaves like a magnet .
Once the current is switched off magnetic action will be absent. Electromagnets are used in instruments

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 13th Sep, 2021, 05:14: PM