Which one is not used in verifyinf ohm s law

1 ammeter

2 rheostat

3 voltmeter

4 resistor

Asked by lovemaan5500 | 4th Jan, 2018, 07:16: PM

Expert Answer:

all can be used for the experiment to verify ohms law, V = I × R .
Ammeter is used to measure current. Rheostat is used to vary the resistance and therby verify the ohms law by measuring the current and voltage across the resistance set in rheostat. Voltmmeter is used to measure voltage across resistor used. Resistor is essential requirement.
If resistor is used in experiment, then rheostat is not required. If rheostst is used for the experiment, fixed resistor is not required

Answered by  | 4th Jan, 2018, 07:46: PM

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