what is the  First Method Of Combination Of Pulley ?

Asked by bhumitshah73.10spicertl | 27th May, 2020, 05:32: PM

Expert Answer:

When a heavy load is to be lifted or shifted from one place to another, we require a pulley system of MA> 2, so a single movable pulley is not enough. A combination of several pulleys is then used.
 1. First Method : - Using one fixed pulley and other movable pulleys
Mechanical Advantage (M.A.) 
M. A. space equals space L over E space equals space 2 cubed space
In general, if n movable pulleys are connected with one fixed pulley,
M. A. space equals space 2 to the power of n

 If n movable pulleys are connected, then velocity ratio
V. R. space equals space 2 to the power of n

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 28th May, 2020, 12:38: PM