the velocity ratio of block and tackle system of police 9 if its efficiency is 95% done by applying an effort of 250 Newton what maximum load can be lifted by pulley system


Asked by sanjaysoni1582 | 28th Sep, 2020, 02:33: PM

Expert Answer:

The question is not clear. Based on the quantities stated in question you can use the following approach to solve the problem. By substituting the proper values in below steps you can find the load which can be lifed by the pulley system.
i) Calculate the Mechanical advantage, by using formula
Mechanical advantage (MA)  = Velocity ratio x efficiency (η%)
ii) Once you calculate the mechanical advantage use the below formula to calculate the load lifted, 
Load (L) = MA x Effort (E)

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 29th Sep, 2020, 10:43: AM