what is the difference b/w mass & weight???

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Expert Answer:

1. Mass is the quantity of matter contained in a body, while weight is the force by which the body is pulled to the earth's center.
2. Mass is an intrinsic property of a body, as it remains the same everywhere in the universe. Weight is variable due to change in the magnitude of the gravitational force applied by the earth.
3. Mass is denoted by "M" while Weight (W) = Mass (M) * Gravitational acceleration (g)
4. Mass can never be zero, for then the body will have no existence. Weight can be zero if there is no gravitational force acting on the body, like that in the space.
5. Mass is indestructible But weight can be increased when there is more gravitational impact and decreased when less gravitational impact.
6. Mass is measured by a common balance. Weight is measured by a spring balance.
7. Mass is scalar and has no direction dependency. Weight is vector and is directed towards the center of the earth.

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