What is relation between brightness and resistance of element of bulb ?

Asked by pavantalwani | 15th Jul, 2010, 10:31: PM

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Dear student,
A low energy bulb has a much lower wattage because it uses less electricity. In general the light output from a low energy bulb is equivalent to a wattage 4-5 times higher in an incandescent bulb. This is effected by the size and shape of the low energy bulb.CFL( compact fluorascent light) is a low wattage lamp. CFL stands for 'compact fluorescent lighting' (just like those long strip-lights). The cleverly-folded glass tubes contain a gas, and are coated on the inside with a layer of phosphor. When electricity passes through the gas, it emits ultraviolet rays which cause the phosphor coating to glow. This is more energy efficient because most of the energy is turned into light instead of wasteful heat (which conventional bulbs produce a lot of heat).
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