what is pibackbonding? in bf3.

Asked by svmic.dbr | 2nd Dec, 2014, 05:18: PM

Expert Answer:

π backbonding, also called π backdonation, is a concept from chemistry in which electrons move from an atomic orbital on one atom to a π* antibonding orbital on a π-acceptor ligand.

In the structure of BF3 u will find that B has an incomplete octet.

Hence a fullyfilled p pi orbital of F donates a lone pair to vacant p pi orbital of  B (a dative bond is formed henceforth).

Thats why its called BACK BONDING.

The greater the magnitude of back bonding , poor is the acidity of the compound.

It is much more pronounced in BF3 and thats why it is the least acidic among the halides of B.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 3rd Dec, 2014, 10:06: AM