We know that H=I2Rt. --- 1 And, I=V/R --- 2 putting 2 in 1, we get, H=V2t/R ----- 3 In 1 we get that 'H' varies directly to 'R'. But in 2 we get that 'H' varies inversely to 'R'. How can this be possible ?

Asked by Shreyash Taori | 2nd Oct, 2013, 05:31: AM

Expert Answer:

We use H =I2RT when we are known with the current through the resistor and

when we use V=IR , we get ,

H = V2 / R , this happened because current is inversely proportional to R so for lower R, higher will be heating as heating is in square of I and for larger R more will be the V and thus heating is inversely proportional to R.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 2nd Oct, 2013, 07:40: PM

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