two electric bulbs of 100w and 40w are given.which one will glow brighter when they are connected (1)in series (2) in parallel? WHY?

Asked by sonali garg | 22nd Jun, 2013, 01:41: PM

Expert Answer:

In a series circuit the current across the resistors remains same. So in all resistors equal current will pass. Thus one with minimum power wattage wil have minimum resistance and thu maximum potential drop across it. and thus wil grow brightest.
  • Since two bulbs are in series they will get equal amount of electrical current but as the supply voltage is constant across the Bulb (P=V^2/R).So the resistance of 40W bulb is greater and voltage across 40W is more (V=IR) so 40W bulb will glow brighter.

Answered by  | 22nd Jun, 2013, 05:06: PM

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