Trace the sequence of events occurring during sneezing.

Asked by B P | 17th Sep, 2016, 10:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Sneezing is a reflex action that does not require conscious direction or control. The sequence of events occuring during sneezing are:
1. Nerve endings located in the nasal passage identifies the irritant entered in the nose.
2. Receptor sends the information or nerve impulse to the sneezing centre located in the brain stem.
3. Brain stem sends instructions to the lungs or diaphragm for response.
4. Diaphragm moves abruptly and the chest muscles contract in response to the instructions received.
5. Air blows out from nose and mouth rapidly.
6. Sneezing occurs in response to the irritant.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 18th Sep, 2016, 05:06: PM