The electrons flow towards the proton in an electric wire to conduct electricity. But can we make protons to move towards the electrons without being in contact with neutrons?

Asked by ankit Rao | 6th Apr, 2012, 08:33: PM

Expert Answer:

Electricity flow means flow of electrons because elecrons are found in the orbits outside the nucleus of the atom. The outermost electrons are most loosely bound so can be taken away from the atom and then their flow causes current. In case of protons they are inside the nucleus so in order to make electricity flow consisting of protons only they first need to be taken out of the nucleus by overcoming a large amount of nuclear force that they are bounded by which is very difficult task and not generally possible as huge amount of energy will be consumed in order to take the proton outside the nucleus. So if you want to produce current in this way, this is almost impossible. However, if you want to flow separated protons only not the protons from inside of a metal, then this is possible.
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