The electromagnetic wave contain both electric and magnetic field. Light is an electromagnetic wave wich contain both magnectic field and electric field . Thus there should be deflection in compus and dammage for electric equipments ? Why this is not happening?

Asked by Vineeth K | 4th Dec, 2014, 12:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Light is an electromagnetic wave. This indicates that it has an electric as well as a magnetic component.
But, these components are oscillating at certain frequencies. When light passes near a compass needle, it should get deflected.
The fact is that it does get deflected. However, the deflection is not seen, as the magnetic field component is oscillating sinusoidally.
Hence, when positive wave passes the needle deflects in one side and when the negative side of the wave passes the needle deflects on the other side. This deflection however is so rapid that the needle has no time to readjust itself and hence appears stationary.

Electrical equipments run on a particular frequency. Hence, when that frequency is matched, only then the appliance may get damaged.
Example: Mobile phones placed near a television set causes disturbance in the reception of signal. Mobile phones work on microwave end of the electromagnetic spectrum.
But, visible light waves have much less frequency to disturb any electrical appliance. Hence, there is not much of a damage possible from light waves.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 5th Dec, 2014, 10:56: AM

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