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Make a clinometer and use it to measure the height of an object.


1. Prepare a semi-circular protractor using any hard board and fix a viewing tube

(straw or pipe) along the diameter.

2. Punch a hole (

o) at the centre of the semicircle.w} from a small nail fixed to the centre.0 at the lowest and 10 to 900 proceedingd.

Using trigonometric ratio :

tan A

= height / distance

So, h = d

× tan A

If, for example,

d = 100 m and A = 450


= 100 × tan 45= 100 m

3. Suspend a weight {

4. Ensure that the weight at the end of the string hangs below the protractor.

5. Mark degrees (in sexagecimal scale with 0

both clockwise and anticlockwise).

Determining the height of an object

6. First measure the distance of the object from you. Let the distance be

7. Look through the straw or pipe at the top of the object. Make sure you can clearly

see the top of the object.

8. Hold the clinometer steady and let your partner record the angle the string makes

on the scale of the clinometer. Let this angle be A.

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