stae 2 differences between juices,enzymes,harmones

Asked by Pandeyo | 8th Aug, 2009, 05:35: PM

Expert Answer:

Hormones are produced by endocrine gland whereas enzymes are secreted by exocrine glands.

Hormones are informational molecules i.e. they travel through the blood to signal distant parts of the body to carry out some function. Enzymes, on the other hand are catalysts that make the chemical reactions go
faster than they normally, would so metabolism can take place at a useful rate.

Enzymes are carried by the ducts of their gland to the site of action whereas hormones are carried by blood to the site of action.

Enzymes are usually proteins whereas hormones may be proteins, peptides, amines or steroids.


Digestive juice is a secretion that aids digestion.


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