sir. please tell me the difference between a shell, subshell and an orbital in an atom. Where are each one of them located inside an atom?

Asked by dhruv narayanan | 11th Aug, 2010, 10:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Shell are the orbits which are located at fixed distance from the nucleus in which electrons revolve. This is determined by quantum number n.
Each shell is further subdivided into a number of subshells whcih have definite shapes. the number of subshells in each shell is determined by n. l = 0 to n-1
in each subshell there may be a number of regions located where the probability of finding an electron is highest. they are called orbitals. each orbital can have a max. of two electrons. they also have different subshells. 

Answered by  | 12th Aug, 2010, 11:03: AM

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