Sir,can you explain me the mechanism of a hydro power plant?

Asked by ambica14091995 | 26th May, 2010, 11:04: AM

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Dear student,

Hydropower is generated from the water flowing in the river or oceans.The water in rivers posses two types of energies: kinetic energy and potential energy. The energy of water due to its motion is called as kinetic energy. The energy of water due to its high level is called as potential energy. Depending on the type of hydraulic power  kinetic and/or potential energy of water is used to generate electricity.

The most commonly used method of production of electricity from hydropower is by dams, which are constructed across the large rivers. The large quantities of water from river are diverted by pipelines also called as penstock, towards the main plant where large turbines are located. The water from penstock is allowed to fall on the large turbine blades that start rotating. The shaft of the turbine rotates in the electric generators where electricity is generated. This electricity is then passed to the transformers from where it is connected to the main national grid.

The water leaving the turbine flows back to the river at the lower levels. In almost all the plants where water is used to generate electricity, the motion of water is used to rotate the turbine which generates the electricity in the generators and the water flows back to the river or ocean.

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