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Sap is the watery fluid that circulates through a plant, carrying food and other substances to the various tissues.

Xylem sap consists primarily of water, with hormones, mineral elements, and other nutrients dissolved in the sap whereas phloem sap consists primarily of water, with sugars, hormones, and mineral elements dissolved in the sap.

The ascent of sap in the xylem tissue of plants is the upward movement of water from the root to the upper parts of the plant.

Sap travels through the xylem and phloem of higher plants. Water containing dissolved minerals enters the plant through the root hairs and is transported upward through the xylem to other parts of the plant, including the leaves. Some amount of water is used for photosynthesis to produce food materials. The phloem carries the resulting highly concentrated colloidal solution down to the other plant parts for storage.

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