Q1- can you name these parts present in human respiratory system
I)- that has cartilaginous rings 
ii)-that encloses the vocal cards 
iii)- sheet of muscle that separates the chest cavity from abdominal cavity
iv)- that serves as a common passage for food and air
Q2- what are the end products formed during fermentation in yeast. Under what condition a similar process takes place in our body that leads to muscle cramps ?
Q3- how do guard cells regulate opening and closing of stomatal pores?
Q4- what are the different ways in which glucose is oxidised to provide energy in various organisms?

Asked by gayatrivardani2002 | 8th Jul, 2016, 06:37: PM

Expert Answer:

  1. Trachea
  2. Larynx
  3. Diaphragm
  4. Pharynx

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 8th Jul, 2016, 07:06: PM