prasad was injured and required immediate blood transfusion. In his blodd, anitgen A and antigen B are present on red blood cells, but Antibody A and Antibody B are absent in plasma. what is/are the blood group(s) that is/are suitable to prasad?

Asked by sumandeesinghrana | 10th Oct, 2010, 06:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,

Since Antigen A and B are present in his blood, all blood groups can be used as donors for him. So, option c is correct.

A person with AB blood group is a universal recipient. Any blood group can be used as a donor in this case, as no antibodies will cause any rejection in his body.

We hope that clarifies your query.

Answered by  | 10th Oct, 2010, 06:42: PM

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