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Lymph is a clear, watery, sometimes faintly yellowish fluid derived from body tissues that contains white blood cells and circulates throughout the lymphatic system, returning to the venous bloodstream through the thoracic duct. Lymph acts to remove bacteria and certain proteins from the tissues, transport fat from the small intestine, and supply mature lymphocytes to the blood.


Whereas most digestive products enter the blood stream, fats enter the lymph system. Lymph helps in transporting fatty acids and cholesterol.

This is done as follows : Instead of being absorbed directly into capillary blood, chylomicrons are transported first into the lymphatic vessel that penetrates into each villus. Chylomicron-rich lymph then drains into the system lymphatic system, which rapidly flows into blood. Blood-borne chylomicrons are rapidly disassembled and their constitutent lipids utilized throughout the body.

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