please explain this!!

Asked by Rishabh Bhatt | 4th Aug, 2010, 09:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Let total distance be D.
Time to travel D/2, T1 = D/2V0
Now the remaining distance is D/2.
and let T2 be the time to cover it.
V1T2/2 + V2T2/2 = D/2
T2 = D/(V1+V2)
Total time = T1 + T2 = D/(2V0)+ D/(V1+V2)
Average speed = Total distance/Total time = D/[D/(2V0)+ D/(V1+V2)]
= 2V0V1V2/(2V0+ V1+ V2)

Answered by  | 5th Aug, 2010, 07:13: AM

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