on what basis scientists describe scientific name of any living or non-living thing?

Asked by Tanya Deshmukh | 6th Oct, 2013, 06:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Each and every living organism is given a scientific name. The scientific name is unique and can be used to identify an organism anywhere around the world. Scientists use “Binomial Nomenclature” system to name any organism.

According to binomial nomenclature, every organism is given a scientific name for individual identity. The scientific name includes two terms. The first term is a name of 'Genus' and the second term is the name of 'Species'. The scientific name is decided according to the specifications of Common International Code for its individual identity. The name of the genus should begin with a capital letter, while the name of the species should begin with a small letter. Scientific names are always written in the Roman script. Whenever the scientific name is printed, it should appear in Italics, while in handwritten form, the genus and the species name should be underlined separately.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 7th Oct, 2013, 10:20: AM

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