On a 220 v power line the powers of the two electric bulbs are 60w and 30w separately.find the powers of their series and parallel combinations when connected on the same line

Asked by Praveen Kumar | 12th Sep, 2013, 06:25: PM

Expert Answer:

power, p = V2/R                               -1
where V is the voltage rating of the suppy and R is the resistance of load
thus for P1 = 60W
we can find R1
and for P2 = 30W
we can find R2
and for series connection net Rs = R1 + R2
and for Parallel connection, 1/Rp = 1/R1 + 1/R2
and hence power dissipated in case of Rs and Rp can be calaulated using the expression 1

Answered by  | 13th Sep, 2013, 11:58: PM

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