lewis dot structure and explanation of H2SO4 and CO


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Expert Answer:

Follow these simple steps to draw dot structures:

  • Draw the atoms on paper and put dots around them to represent valence electrons of the atom. Be sure to have the correct number of electrons.
  • If the species is an ion, add or subtract electrons corresponding to the charge of the ion. Add an electron for every negative (-) charge, and subtract an electrons for every positive (+) charge.
  • Consider bonding between atoms by sharing electrons, some may come from one atom.
  • If possible, apply the octet rule to your structure. Some structures don't obey the octet rule, but explain why.
  • Assign formal charges to atoms in the structure.

Let us consider the electron dot structure of sulphuric acid,

The chemical formula of Sulpuric acid is H2SO4:

Sulphur atom (2, 8, 6) is the central atom have six valence electrons, as it has vacant d-orbital sulphur can show variable valencies.

And for CO:

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