Introduction of alcohols

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Expert Answer:

Alcohols are compounds formed when a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon is replaced by the OH group. An alcohol contains one or more hydroxyl (-OH) group(s) directly attached to carbon atom(s) of an aliphatic system.
Alcohol may be classified as mono-, di-, tri-or polyhydric compounds depending on whether they contain one, two, three or many hydroxyl groups,respectively,in their structures.
According to IUPAC, alcohols get their name from the alkanes from which they are derived by substituting the ‘e’ of the alkane with the suffix ‘ol’.
 The position of the substituents is indicated by numbers. Theparent chain is numbered from the end nearest to the OH group.
 The positions of the OH group and other substituents are denoted using the numbers of carbon atoms to which they are attached.
 The prefix di,tri, etc. is usedto indicate the number of OH groups.

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