in the electrolysis of alkaline water a total of one mole of gasses is evolved . The amount of water decomposed is 
a) one mole 
b)two mole 
c) 1/3 mol 
d)2/3 mole

Asked by thakurpratyush5 | 10th Jul, 2015, 01:31: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 11px style Reaction colon 2 straight H subscript 2 straight O space rightwards harpoon over leftwards harpoon space 2 straight H subscript 2 space space plus space straight O subscript 2 end style
3 moles of gases are produced from 2 moles of water,
1 mole of gases will be produced from  (2/3) moles of water.
Answer : 2/3 moles

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 11th Jul, 2015, 04:49: PM