In series resistance potentiel difference is different but current is not diffirent. But when we apply the formula V= IR then we see when potential difference changes then current also changes. Then how is current same when potential difference is different?

Asked by Rohit Mathur | 5th May, 2012, 06:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Potential difference in a series circuit.

The total potential difference supplied by the cell is divided up between the components. If the components all have the same resistance they will have equal amounts of potential difference across them. 

If the resistance are not equal they may have different amounts of potential difference across them but when added up they must always equal the p.d. supplied by the cell. 

When you put an ammeter into a series circuit the current is the same wherever you put the ammeter. 

Answered by  | 7th May, 2012, 11:59: AM

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