in a painting competition of a school a child made indian national flag whose perimeter was 50cm.its area will be decreased by 6 sq cm,if length is decreased by 3 and breadth is increased by 2cm,then find the dimensions of the flag

Asked by amrithasai123 | 24th Feb, 2019, 12:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us assume that the length of the flag be x cm and breadth be y cm.

Perimeter of a flag = 2(l × b)

→ 50 = 2(x + y)

→x + y = 25 ....(i)

According to the condition in the question, we get

(x - 3)(y + 2) = xy - 6

2x - 3y = 0  ...(ii)

Solve (i) and (ii) simultaneously, we get

x = 15 and y = 10

Therefore the length of the flag is 15 cm and the breadth is 10 cm.

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 24th Feb, 2019, 11:17: PM

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