in a given figure system is at equilibrium ,then what will be the value of "F"?

Asked by abhilipsa satpathy | 15th Jun, 2013, 12:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the tension in the first string (from left) be T1, in the second string be T2 and in the third string be T3. 
Assuming the strings to be massless and pulleys to be frictionless and massless, 
We can write equilibrium equations for all the pulleys and the mass block. 
mg = T1 + T2 + T3 (1)
Also, for the third pully
T2 = T32
For second pulley, 
T1 = T2*2 = 2( 2T3)
Also, T3 = F (The third string is in equilibrium)
Puting it back in equation 1
10*10 = 2( 2T3) + 2T3 + T3
100 = 7T3 
Hence. F = 100/7 N

Answered by  | 15th Jun, 2013, 05:12: PM

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