if the diameter of the conductor is 0.3mm and its resistance is 4 ohm. and the length of the wire is 1m long. So find the resistivity of the conductor (rho).

Asked by Lochan Khatri | 19th Apr, 2013, 03:36: PM

Expert Answer:

We are given the resistance R of the wire = 4?, the diameter
d = 0.3 mm = 3 × 10-4 m, and the length l of the wire = 1 m.
Therefore,the resistivity of the given metallic wire is

? = (RA/l) =(R?d2/4 ) 

Substitution of values in this gives
? =28.26 x 10-8 ?m

Answered by  | 20th Apr, 2013, 11:23: AM

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