identify at least 10 different components divices used in the domesticelectric circuit and write advantage

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Expert Answer:

1. Cartridge fuse 
2. Three pin socket (light)

3. Three pin socket (light)

4. Kit-kat fuse

5  Domestic electricity mete
6.The mains switch

7. Three pin plug (light)

8. Three wire cable

9. Three pin plug (power)

10. Three pin socket (power)
Most of the appliances used in domestic are AC.
And the advantages are
1. The A.C. supply to Indian household circuits has a frequency of 50Hz.2. The A.C. supply reaches its peak value twice in each cycle and therefore, 100 times in one second.3. The potential difference between the live and the neutral wire in an Indian domestic electric circuit, has an (average, rms) value of (nearly) 220V.4. The colours of the three wires, used in Indian domestic electric circuits are as follows:     LIVE wire   : Red (or Brown)     NEUTRAL wire : Black (or Blue)EARTH wire : Green (or Yellow)5. The neutral and the earth wires, in a domestic household circuit are at the same potential, i.e., the p.d. between these is zero.6. The A.C. supply makes use of Transformers, both at the generating stations and at local substations.7. The ‘distribution box’ is an important component of the domestic electric circuit.8. The ratings of the fuse wires (always put in the LIVE wire) for the domestic ‘power and light’ circuits are 15 A and 5 A respectively.

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