how to find this

Asked by Subramanian.jayanth | 16th Jun, 2020, 10:39: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Students,
In these type of questions, you need to look at bond energies. If breaking of bonds create an unstable compound, so C-Hb has the highest bond energy, because after breaking it results to the formation of a carbocation on double bond, so it makes compound unstable.
If breaking a bond forms any stable carbocation. They will easily break the bond to attain that stable structure. So, in given compounds C-Hd breakage will form most stable carbocation because it involves conjugation and hyperconjugation. 
On the basis of this concept, Order would be-
Hb > Hc >Ha >Hd

Answered by Ravi | 16th Jun, 2020, 11:34: AM