How do spleen and liver help regulate the blood cells?

Asked by somyap | 28th Apr, 2010, 06:28: AM

Expert Answer:

Spleen is an organ that controls the quality of circulating red blood cells. It monitors red blood cells, destroying those that are abnormal or too old or damaged to function properly. In addition, the red pulp serves as a reservoir for different elements of the blood, especially white blood cells and platelets. Spleen  has the ability to produce lymphocytes. It holds a reserve of blood in case of hemorrhagic shock while also recycling iron. It also contains in its reserve half of the body's monocytes.


Some 3 million RBCs die and are scavenged by the liver each second. The old and worn out red cells are destroyed by the liver. Most of the iron in their hemoglobin is reclaimed for reuse. The remainder of the heme portion of the molecule is degraded into bile pigments and excreted by the liver.

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